Bike Fit Program

Decrease pain and fatigue.
Increase enjoyment, power and efficiency.

Get your bike fit, insurance-covered.
Allow our Bike Fit specialist, Lauren Esmailka, PT, to work with you to achieve optimal body alignment on your bike. Bike fits can also be done virtually for Peloton riders. During this personalized process, Lauren will complete a functional movement examination and consider your goals and history.

How do I know I need a Bike Fit?

  • Knee, back or neck pain during or after cycling
  • Hand numbness after cycling
  • Saddle/groin numbness or soreness from cycling
  • Recent equipment change
  • Inability to reach desired mileage or training intensity due to pain/discomfort while cycling
  • Discomfort or instability while riding

Goals of a Bike Fit with a Physical Therapist

  • Optimize mechanics
  • Improve cycling efficiency via neutral positioning on the bike
  • Prevent injuries
  • Increase cycling comfort
  • Increase cycling power and performance
  • Maximize your cycling enjoyment


Please call or email to schedule with a Physical Therapist:

(206) 535-7356

Schedule your Pilates or Physical Therapy session now!

Schedule your Pilates or Physical Therapy session now!