Bike Fit Program

Decrease pain and fatigue.
Increase enjoyment, power and efficiency.

Get your bike fit, insurance-covered.
Allow our Bike Fit specialist, Lauren Esmailka, PT, to work with you to achieve optimal body alignment on your bike. During this personalized process, Lauren will complete a functional movement examination and consider your goals and history.

How do I know I need a Bike Fit?

  • Knee, back or neck pain during or after cycling
  • Hand numbness after cycling
  • Saddle/groin numbness or soreness from cycling
  • Recent equipment change
  • Inability to reach desired mileage or training intensity due to pain/discomfort while cycling
  • Discomfort or instability while riding on bike trainer

Goals of a Bike Fit with a Physical Therapist

  • Optimize mechanics
  • Improve cycling efficiency via neutral positioning on the bike
  • Prevent injuries
  • Increase cycling comfort
  • Increase cycling power and performance
  • Maximize your cycling enjoyment


Please call or email to schedule with a Physical Therapist:

(206) 535-7356

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