About Us

You’re in expert hands, literally

At Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy, you benefit doubly from the medical background of a physical therapist combined with the full-body perspective of a Pilates instructor. This 2-for-1 knockout combination of physical therapy and Pilates expertise gives our team a razor sharp insight that allows us to identify and treat the causes of your aches and pains quickly and efficiently to get you back to feeling good.


Elizabeth Bannister , PT, DPT, PRPC

A Seattle native, Elizabeth is passionate about leading an active lifestyle and helping those around her do the same. She enjoys guiding clients through the journey from injury, to recovery and ultimately the return to the activities that give them purpose. With a thorough evaluation and keen ear to patient concerns, Elizabeth creates an efficient treatment plan for each client. During the rehab process, she especially loves helping clients coordinate mind and body. Her goal is always to educate clients on how to improve function and mobility while reducing pain to promote a healthy lifestyle. She finds that this knowledge empowers clients to take charge of their own health and wellness.

Part of what makes Elizabeth a great physical therapist is that she genuinely enjoys people and is great at connecting with those around her. When she is not at the clinic, you may find her pouring wine and chatting with clients about all things wine at a top notch winery in Woodinville. Whether she’s in the clinic or at the tasting room, she is always focused on creating an exceptional client experience.

Lauren Esmailka, PT, DPT, COMPT

Whether you need to keep up with your kids or grandkids, get back on the tennis court or softball field, resume training for your next race, or you miss working in your garden, know that Lauren is here to get you back to the sport of life. She uses her biomechanical approach to help countless people get back to their favorite activities. Her approach is a balanced combination of hands-on manual therapy techniques, movement re-education and sophisticated exercise techniques, resulting in restoration of optimal movement patterns and return to high levels of function.

Jessie (Lesar) Keaton, PT, DPT, OCS 

Jessie is a third generation physical therapist with roots in Nevada. She grew up witnessing the benefits that physical therapy could offer. Her passion for movement stems from over 20 years of ballet and dance training. This passion, combined with the very personal experience of being a patient with her own injuries, led her to pursue a career in physical therapy. She has combined her dance experience with her physical therapy knowledge to further specialize in treating dancers and aesthetic artists.

Jessie works alongside each client to develop an in-depth understanding of their goals so that she can craft an individualized treatment plan to get them back to the activities that make their life meaningful. She combines a variety of exercise techniques with manual therapy and movement re-education to make treatment fun and enjoyable. She empowers her clients to find life-long movement activities that optimize health, wellness, and mobility to ultimately promote longevity. Pilates has been an integral part of her own movement journey and it is a joy to share Pilates with her clients, because it is something all clients can benefit from and be challenged by.

Kezia Naillieux-Johnson, PT, DPT

With roots in the midwest, Kezia has been living and working in the Seattle area for over 6 years. She fell in love with the mountains and year round access to outdoor activities. As someone who is passionate about being active for both the mental and physical benefits, she has equal passion for helping people get back to the activities that are meaningful to them. Kezia uses each individual’s history to guide her evaluation and the development of their personalized treatment plan. Kezia enjoys working with clients to build up a strong foundation of core and postural strength then progress into more sport and activity specific exercises with focus on refining movement patterns. She utilizes hands-on manual techniques targeted at enhancing the healing process and improving joint and tissue mobility while reducing pain.

Outside of the clinic, Kezia enjoys exploring outdoor spaces with her husband and their young son.

Emily Olson, PT, DPT

Emily is passionate about supporting her clients’ joint and pelvic health throughout their lifespan, by treating a wide range of diagnoses including orthopedic injuries, pelvic pain, pregnancy, postpartum, urinary incontinence and prolapse. She believes the first step to treating the pelvic floor is open and honest conversation about the function of the pelvic floor, making sure each client understands and has an opportunity to ask questions about their body and how their pelvic systems work. Her goal is to get all of her clients back doing whatever brings them joy in life, using movement, education and empowerment. 

After several years enjoying the California fun and sun while attending undergraduate and graduate school, Emily is thrilled to be back in the Pacific Northwest, enjoying all her favorite PNW activities, including hiking, camping and enjoying all four seasons. Beyond the clinic, she enjoys teaching and taking group exercise classes, getting outdoors and spending time with her family and friends.

Rachel Peck, PT, DPT, OCS

Rachel has been an athlete her entire life and understands how exercise and sport enhance all aspects of our lives. With a background in exercise and sport science, a board specialty certification in orthopedics and 13 years of clinical experience, she has developed a niche in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation. When treating clients, she looks at the whole body to identify and correct any faulty movement patterns that are contributing to the problem her client presents with. She utilizes a combination of advanced manual therapy techniques, neuromuscular re-education, taping, and personalized exercise prescription with her clients. Her goal is to get her clients back to exercise and sport as quickly as possible, minimize their risk of re-injury and give them the tools they need to take care of themselves.

Outside of the clinic, you will find Rachel rock climbing, cheering on the Seattle Sounders and tag teaming with her husband to keep up with their three boys.

Elizabeth Rogers, PT, DPT, CSCS

Elizabeth originally developed her passion for movement and keen ability to analyze movement through 18 years of classical ballet training. This passion for movement, the desire to work closely with people and an interest in medicine led her to a career in Physical Therapy. While completing her graduate studies in Physical Therapy, she simultaneously completed her Pilates instructor training, because she had a vision for the seamless integration of Pilates into Physical Therapy treatments. She also recognized that Pilates is a fun and effective method for optimizing movement across the lifespan.

Elizabeth takes the time to listen to each client’s story in order to fully understand his/her needs and goals. Hearing the client’s story is essential to developing an effective treatment plan. Her treatment approach is a blend of manual therapy techniques, movement re-education and highly effective exercise techniques, including Pilates conditioning. She empowers all of her clients to take control of their wellness and longevity.

Just like her clients, Elizabeth is doing her best to stay fit and healthy so that she can enjoy this life! Saturday mornings you can find her somewhere between Seward Park and Madison Park doing her long run for the week.