High quality, high touch

Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy, PLLC takes a results-oriented, full-body approach to providing Physical Therapy care and Pilates conditioning for orthopedic spinal and extremity injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction, balance/vestibular issues, efficient results post-orthopedic surgery, general conditioning and sport specific training. We are committed to compassionate care, accessibility to providers, convenience and respect.

Physical Therapy treatments with real, long-term value

We value you, your time, and your health – both in our clinic and out, both while you’re working with us and beyond — we’ll send you home with a customized program so you can take charge of your own well-being, for life.

Pilates sessions with a Physical Therapist

Get individualized attention with customized workouts by a licensed Physical Therapist. We plan each session to work the entire body in a balanced manner (and make it fun, too).

What our clients say

Double the experience, double the results

With Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy, you benefit doubly from the medical background of a Physical Therapist combined with the full-body perspective of a Pilates Instructor.

Schedule your Pilates or Physical Therapy session now!

Schedule your Pilates or Physical Therapy session now!

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