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We take a results-oriented, full-body approach to providing physical therapy care and Pilates conditioning to help Seattleites live life to the fullest. Through one-on-one skilled care, we are committed to getting you back to doing the things you love, with the people you love, quickly and efficiently.

Working with Us is Better, Faster, Efficient


Work one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist every single time.


Achieve more in fewer visits, saving you time and money.


Get maximum long-term value: the care you receive lasts beyond the clinic.


We treat the cause not the symptoms, so that you can get back to the activities you love …and stay back.

Physical Therapy treatments with real, long-term value

We value you, your time, and your health – both in our clinic and out, both while you’re working with us and beyond — we’ll send you home with a customized program so you can take charge of your own well-being, for life.

Pilates sessions with a Physical Therapist

Get individualized attention with customized workouts by a licensed Physical Therapist. We plan each session to work the entire body in a balanced manner (and make it fun, too).

What our clients say

Double the experience, double the results

With Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy, you benefit doubly from the medical background of a Physical Therapist combined with the full-body perspective of a Pilates Instructor.

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Physical Therapy + Pilates = Powerful Combo

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Covid-19 Notice

04/06/2021 Covid-19 Notice:

For the past year we have safely operated under our Covid-19 Exposure Control, Mitigation and Recovery Plan. This has allowed us to continue caring for our community and helping our clients return to the activities they love! Our entire team of PTs has been fully vaccinated since mid February. We are available for both in-clinic and virtual physical therapy visits and Pilates sessions. This allows us to comply with government guidance, while also meeting our obligation as essential infrastructure workers. For in-clinic treatment/Pilates sessions, all clients are screened prior to entering the clinic. The PT will wear a mask and the client needs to wear a mask of their own. Social distancing is observed throughout the clinic and rigorous cleaning guidelines are followed. At times during your PT treatment, it may not be possible for your PT to observe social distancing, such as during certain manual therapy techniques. The need for in-clinic treatment vs. virtual or telehealth treatment will be a joint determination between you and your PT. You may review our Covid-19 Exposure Control, Mitigation and Recovery Plan for the details of how we provide safe, in-person care.

If you are traveling via plane and you are not yet fully vaccinated, we ask that you inform your PT so that we may switch your visits to telehealth for 10 days after your return. (Fully vaccinated is defined as 2 weeks past your final vaccination dose.) Thank you for understanding that this policy is in place to allow us to meet our responsibility to all clients, which is to do no harm.

We remain passionate about helping you improve and maintain the function of your movement system so that you can do the activities you love. We invite you to follow/Like our Facebook page, where there is a year's worth of recorded Pilates mat classes that you may access. 

Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns. I am available via clinic phone (206-535-7356) and email (elizabeth@elizabethrogerspt.com). We will update you here and our Facebook page as things change.

Thank you for your support of this small, locally-owned physical therapy private practice!

Elizabeth Rogers, PT

Owner, Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy, PLLC