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Did you just say “Barbie foot”?

If you take Pilates with me, you know I frequently instruct my clients to maintain a “Barbie foot” for certain exercises. I’ve given this cue for decades and almost universally, clients know what I mean the minute I give this cue.  You can only imagine

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This is impossible…

Like most of the women in your life (and probably you, too!), my daughter and I made sure to catch the Barbie Movie with some girlfriends. I LOVED this thought-provoking movie!  America Ferrera’s monologue was definitely a highlight.  Her opening line, “It is literally impossible

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Did you just go down the stairs sideways?

A few weeks ago, while cleaning up from a Pilates session and prepping for the next session something caught my eye … The clients from the Pilates class that just finished upstairs were coming downstairs. More than half of this fit group of women was

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We ❤️ Results!

Have you ever wondered how Pilates can move you closer to your fitness and wellness goals? Like the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.  Here’s how our clients’ lives have be transformed as a result of their Pilates training with our team:

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physical therapy and Pilates

All your Pilates questions, answered!

Have you ever wondered what the deal is with Pilates? I mean, it’s kind of everywhere, right? If you’re curious, you’re not alone. And to be honest, we’re pretty great at Pilates. Our team is known in Western WA and especially in Seattle as the

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Physical Therapy + Pilates = Powerful Combo

We thought it would be helpful for prospective clients to hear directly from one of our clients about her experience working with our team. This particular client came to us following multiple abdominal surgeries, with large abdominal scars and months of deconditioning. She came to

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#GetPT1st For Back Pain

Chances are, you or someone you know has had back pain. Each year 15% of the population has their first episode of back pain, and over the course of our lives, 80% of us will have back pain. Even though back pain is common, the

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Pilates & Pelvic Health

When we think of Pilates, we think of controlled movement patterns that work through a range of motion which ultimately come together in a gentle flow with ease and fluidity. The breath adds elements of concentration and precision in the sequencing of the movement. The

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